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2016 The dazzling night of Lamborghini

2016-12-15, TBA

Client: Lamborghini

Location: Beijing

The Concept

The dazzling night of Lamborghini was solemnly held at the MEI bar which at the 5th floor of the rosewood hotel Beijing on December 15, 2016.

The Story

Lamborghini China and the special guests who on that night spent an unforgettable dazzling night, and they light the flame of the capital city in common. The event was not only the feast of the fans, but also a diversified capital party full of entertainment, food, creativity, all the guests that night in such a bright night and Lamborghini China spent a good time. TBA provided many services for this event such as event planning, event management vehicle management. The Reaction TBA controlled every detail to ensure the smooth implementation of the activities with cooperation, efficient, high-quality work attitude, and gained praise from customers and guest.

The Numbers

than 100+guests and customers