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ChinaJoy Alipay VR

2016-07-28, PIXELS

Client: Alipay

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

The Idea

Provide full-scale advanced VR services for a digital entertainment expo.

The Story

The 14th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Expo, known to most as ChinaJoy, was held at Shanghai’s glitzy and high-tech New International Expo Center in late July 2016. The expo became a temporary home to some of the world’s most exciting digital brands.

As one of the most influential digital interactive entertainment event on the planet, ChinaJoy’s annual exhibition scaled record heights this year, injecting more fun, engagement and pure energy than ever before. This year’s theme, ‘hardware meets software’ saw the tide of Virtual Reality finally arriving, creating a new landscape for hardcore gamers and other audiences.

In addition to inserting VR planning, production and technology into the exhibition in innovative ways, PIXELS also provided many other services such as scriptwriting, content setting, scene and interactive development, equipment operation and maintenance, turning heads and winning praises during the expo.

The Numbers

Attendees: 1000+

The Reaction

Alipay allows participants to simulate the their daily living conditions through different scenes and completing a series of tasks.

If you are a student, you will wake up to a simulated dormitory, with Alipay reminding you about your sleeping conditions last night; finding a nearby restaurant and using Alipay to complete the payment; in the restaurant you will receive movie information and purchase tickets and snacks via Alipay; watch movies in the cinema and booking a taxi to leave using Alipay.

If you are an office worker, you will wake up in your own living room, Alipay will remind you to have your coffee fix and order a take-away  based on your daily habits; collect and pay utility bill via Alipay while having your coffee; develop a weekly work plan; remind you on the traffic conditions and recommended routes; and receive flight information and nearby amenities when travelling.