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The Great Creator UK Graduate Show

2015-2016, TBA

Client: The British Council

Location: Beijing

The Idea

Bring this unique show to life, inspire visitors and help light the way for the next generation of creators.

The Story

The Great Creator: UK Graduate Show 2015 was a major exhibition showcasing the creative leadership of the UK in a number of creative and design fields such as fashion, film, jewellery, product design and visual arts. Held at the British Council in Beijing, visitors attended the show to witness the impressive progress UK graduates are making in a wide range of creative and design fields through exciting exhibits, informative lectures and workshops.

TBA’s experts contributed to this high-profile and successful show in numerous ways, which made a splash that created ripples around the world. Guests of honour include Jimmy Choo, Leandra O’Sullivan (Head of Design at ASOS), both masters of fashion, and Graham Fink (Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather China), a master in multimedia art and advertising, discussed their career paths to be the leaders of their industries. They also discussed the ground-breaking brand and design concepts that are shaping their fields, and offered crucial insights and advice for those wishing to pursue a successful career in creativity. Liu Fei, founder of Fei Liu Jewellery, a Chinese graduate from the Birmingham School of Jewellery and a jewellery design expert, also discussed about his career journey and how an education in the UK contributed to his success.

The Numbers

50,000 physical visitors

700,000 took part online

Guests of honour includes Jimmy Choo, Leandra O’Sullivan (ASOS) and Graham Fink (Ogilvy & Mather China)

The Reaction

The event was held across seven cities, visited 11 Chinese universities, showcasing 246 creative works of students studying in Britain and created 10 engaging dialogues on Chinese and English education to 2,204 student audiences. With 22 English-style educational classes involving 585 participants and students, the event has achieved an impressive level of publicity.