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Lin Dan & Yonex Cooperation Announcement

2015-01-07, TBA

Client: Yonex

Location: Beijing

The Stroy

Global badminton superstar, Lin Dan, officially announced his exclusive cooperation with global leading badminton brand Yonex in Beijing. Over 100 media and around 300 fans were invited to witness this historical moment. Lin Dan, on his way to clinch his third personal Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016, joining hands with the global leading badminton brand, was win-win cooperation between the world’s best badminton player and the best badminton manufacturer. As one of the spokesmen, Lin Dan joins efforts with other famous badminton heroes such as Lee Chongwei, Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade to promote badminton as an international sport. Mr. Ebihara, General Manager of International Sales Department of Yonex, presented Lin Dan with a unique badminton racket. Lin Dan presented to his fans with his autographed shuttercocks and had Q&A interactions with media to speak about his plans moving forward. The event was successfully managed and operated by TBA and Pico Plus. TBA provided a range of services including experience design, set-up, project management, VIP hospitality, event hospitality, and multimedia management services while Pico Plus took charge of public relations, media management and media invitation.

The reaction

TBA has successfully delivered an engaging event, providing audiences a diverse experience with our comprehensive range of services, earning client's appreciation and recognition.