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Porsche 911 POS Driving Experience

2016-04-22, TBA

Client: Porsche

Location: Hangzhou

The Idea

Help Porsche achieve another impressive milestone in China’s automotive world with the launch of new model 911.

The Story

After much anticipation from car fanatics, media and general public, Porsche finally launched its amazing new model 911 in Hangzhou, China in April 2016. TBA provided a range of services for the launch event in both strategy and implementation aspects, including experience design, test-drive management and site fabrication. During the event, drivers got to test drive the new model, bringing a whole new sensory experience to the audience.

The Numbers

Attendees 200-300

The Reaction

During the event, attendees not only got to personally experience the ultimate driving pleasure with the latest car models, it was also a valuable interacting opportunity for all Porsche owners.