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2016-08-13, MATTE

Client: VIP Room109

Location: Beijing

VIP Room109 is a 1920s-themed fashion party held in August in Beijing, attracting vintage collectors, designers, artists, investors and well-known media outlets.

One of the factors that sets this show apart from other conventional commercial projects is that it was a private party. The party was not just a conventional fashion show, but also an artistic performance decorated with 1920s music and dance and also high fashion, retro apparel and accessories displayed by 11 international models.

Matte embraced this unusual and exciting project, providing online media, design, interior decoration, fabrication, sourcing of models, photographing, catering services and more. The party also had an exclusive guest list, with a total of only 40 guests, serviced by 10 staff members, three dancers, 11 models, 6 catering staff and 4 photographers. Matte not only created a memorable experience for the guests, but also opened up new horizons for our team and we look forward to more collaborations involving private interactive activities and independent designers.

The Reaction

The private party was brought together successfully, demonstrating TBA's professionalism from its dedicated team. In future, ROOM109 will continue to be used for more activites including private events involving well-known vintage sellers and independent designers for collaborations and launches.