This year, Coke gave its customers across China a summer to remember – especially those in Liaoning. In early August, the global soft drink giant organised the massive ‘Share a Coke with Mayday Red Party’ at Shenyang’s Tie Xi Stadium, as part of its exciting and passionate cross-China Coke Summer integrated marketing campaign.

The goal of the event – which stretched through the day and into the night – was to have consumers in Liaoning experience the idea that sharing is an integral part of Coca-Cola’s DNA.

Prior to the evening concert, a daytime carnival was held, with guests enjoying numerous activities united by the theme “let’s share a Coca-Cola with our family, friends and lovers”. The fun included parent-child activities, cooperative games between friends and couples, free drinks and a cutting-edge dance performance by Coke’s Red Planet dancers. The carnival was a big hit – especially with those who won enough game points to enter the lucky draw for the evening’s Mayday concert.

At the end of the day, almost 8,000 bottles of Coke were given away to the happy participants. That night, Mayday, one of Taiwan’s biggest bands, took to the stage in front of a huge crowd of lucky concert-goers, bringing the event to a thrilling climax.

With Pico providing creative concept development, stage and programme design and event management, ensuring things ran smoothly was a large and complex undertaking. With scorching hot weather, complicated approval procedures and heavy security restrictions, our teams needed to use the full range of their communication and coordination skills to get the job done.

The results speak for themselves – with over 11,500 ecstatic concert-goers, 70 separate pieces of media coverage and a great time had by all, this was the biggest Coke consumer event of the year and a great success for Pico