The brief

One of the brightest stars in Mercedes-Benz’s constellation of commercial vehicles is Actros, an advanced heavy-duty lorry currently in its fourth generation. Already highly regarded by operators in Europe and around the globe, the Actros tractor and chassis have also been launched in China to great acclaim.

The team played a key role, having been engaged to deliver a launch event in China International Aviation Exhibition Center in Zhuhai that would create instant brand and product awareness and get sales of the marque’s first tractor-and-chassis model in China off to a roaring start.

Creative Execution

The team’s aim was to craft a ‘deep’ experience – an immersive, engaging connection between each individual, the product and the brand.

A drone and laser show opened the event and built a sense of curiosity in the audience. The programme then segued into the three ‘chapters’ integrating elements of Chinese culture: Authentic Legacy, World Fusion, and New Realm. Each was expressed with a combination of dance performances and a 360-degree sweep of LED screens, visually immersing guests into those distinct ‘chapters’.

Finally, the galvanising moment came when the venue’s gates swung open and the seven 18m-long lorries powered into their positions before and behind the audience.

Wrapping up the event were live testimonials from operators, each integrated with video and dancing performances to underline the theme of ‘trucks you can trust’. A subsequent gala dinner gave guests the chance to mingle and share their impressions while being memorably entertained.


Invited guests and Mercedes-Benz itself expressed their high satisfaction with the launch.