The brief

The Jaguar XEL is the new version of Jaguar’s highly regarded XE saloon, and an important addition to the marque’s range in the China market. Its launch was therefore a true feat of planning and logistics, with a roadshow and test drive opportunity that brought the new car to potential customers in eight Chinese cities during a four-month period.

For Pico responsible for planning, fabricating and operating the project, the roadshow format would enable the maximum number of drivers to receive the maximum ‘XEL experience’ – and particularly its very British blend of luxury and performance.

Creative and execution

Those qualities were further emphasised by a Union Jack-bedecked setting which included a lavish tea break corner. The guests meanwhile experienced interactive activities such as a GIF photo-op with a QR code for easy following and sharing of the event website and instant photo printing. Elsewhere, drivers could preview the XEL in a Virtual Reality session, then go on to peruse a selection of fashions by the famed British brand Barbour. Younger car enthusiasts could build their own dream cars in a specially designed LEGO corner.

Experts helped familiarise drivers with the XEL and the route before being unleashed onto the road. All were impressed with the new model’s exquisite ride-handling balance, refined power and stylish interior – the very characteristics that have made Jaguar one of the world’s legendary marques.