The Idea
The impressive growth of the Beijing Automobile Industry Corporation (BAIC)’s electric car manufacturing arm - the BAIC BJEV - is a strong indicator that the industry will soon become market driven and experience even further rapid growth.

To get ahead of their competitors, BAIC BJEV developed the new EC180 model – a masterpiece for the brand and a model which is expected to enjoy remarkable sales as the electric vehicle market gains traction.

The team was asked to provide event planning and execution services to launch the new EC180.

The Story
Test drive
The team coordinated pro driving tutorials with professional coaches, helping the participants take their driving skills to the next level. Test driving the EC180 with the help of these specialists was an enormously enjoyable experience for everyone, with shows and interactive games providing further onsite engagement.

Display design
The team provided design services for the many displays at the event, focusing on how the EC180’s advanced technology and powerful capabilities infused every aspect of the vehicle. The displays showcased the EC180’s interior and exterior, structure and a cross-section of the vehicle. We also showcased the car’s entire production process – from design, R&D and manufacturing to potential future developments in the electric vehicle market.

Visual identity design
The team made numerous recommendations to the client, including ideas for the event storyline, site decoration, engagement activities and more. The overall design concept was based on the client’s existing visual identity guidelines, with the main colour scheme being blue with a silhouette of a city in the background.

Overall, the event successfully showcased the safety, economy, environmental aspects and impressive performance of the EC180, proving to the attendees and the wider world that BAIC BJEV produces vehicles that are far beyond the expectation of their customers and their competitors.

The Numbers
• Over 400 representatives from supply chain partners and dealers
• Over 50 national 30 local media representatives – much higher than the client’s expectations
• A total of 615 quality press releases were generated, including over 5 in-depth media reports