Project brief

The Shanghai Auto Show 2017 offered another opportunity for the German brand Borgward to take the spotlight, build its brand, and interact with its target customers. To achieve this, the marque’s presence offered both a statement of its advanced technology, quality and luxury of today, and a look at its glory days of the past.

At the conceptual core of the Borgward booth was the goal of showcasing its forward-looking brand values. To this end, its show presence would be built around the launch of BXi7, a concept electric SUV with cutting-edge technologies and a stylish exterior.

The fundamental qualities of the BXi7 and the values of the Borgward brand strongly influenced the booth design as it took shape. A unique shade of aqua was used as the theme colour in the 1,305 sq. m. booth to evoke the intelligence and sustainability of Borgward technologies.

Further accentuating the concept car and its ‘Pure electricity + Intelligence’ features was the innovative use of landscape lighting in the design.

The centrepiece of Borgward’s presence at the Shanghai Auto Show – the BXi7 media conference – was judged as a particularly successful facet of the project. The event was subject to wide coverage within China and internationally, notably including live broadcasts from major digital media sites.