The brief

The China launch of Citroën’s new SUV C4 Aircross was, above all, a precisely aimed burst of communication – one that would connect a car with young audience in a compelling way.

In this case, the car’s most attention-getting qualities are its design, comfort, and the convenience of its intelligent AliOS system and internet connection. All three were fine-tuned to appeal to China’s Generation Y and Z consumers. Pico was appointed to create an experience that emphasised these ideals.

Creative and Execution

Guests gained an enjoyable insight to the car’s important features at the venue’s contemporary style mingle zone, which featured a special tea corner and networking area – all created to emphasise the sheer ‘connected convenience’ of the C4 Aircross.

As the C4 Aircross took to the stage – itself shaped like a four-leafed clover to mimic the car’s wheel design – its story was told not by the usual corporate types, but via a theatrical ‘sitcom’. Also on hand to entertain was a live band from France.


In all, 950 guests – including media and dealers – connected, luxuriated and were entertained during their first encounter with a crucial new car.