The brief

An epic road trip taking in the rugged scenery of Tibet made for a fitting media launch of the Denza 500. Spanning a total 13 days on a variety of road conditions in remote geography, the event’s complexities required considerable expertise to effectively visualise, plan and manage.

Creative execution

Starting with the event’s ‘we create a better journey’ theme, Pico team began to map a test drive journey that would offer participants a comprehensive picture of the Denza 500’s capabilities. The test drive event itself consisted of four identical, successive three-day sessions, with around 150 guests – who included media representatives, major clients, influencers, industry leaders and potential customers – correspondingly divided into four groups. The final route stretched along 410km of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway – the equivalent of eight hours’ driving – and encompassed everything from concrete and bitumen surfaces to switchbacks and steep slopes. It also included scenic landscapes such as Mila Mountain and Yamdrok Lake.

As well as exciting test drives, guests could participate in various interactive activities. Among the highlights was night sky photography via the Denza 500 Aurora model’s panoramic sunroof. The team also created unique ‘light paintings’ to visitors, each inspired by the Denza 500 Aurora model as well as personalised elements such as guests’ name and horoscope.


As a precaution against altitude sickness and other possible health problems brought about by the route’s Tibetan plateau conditions, the team pre-confirmed the health status of each guest. Medical supplies and portable oxygen were kept on hand at the event.