The brief

To Herbalife, sponsoring the 2018 C&D Xiamen Marathon was just the first step toward infusing the event with the brand’s commitment to making the world a healthier and happier place. To make a deeper footprint on the hearts and minds of spectators and participants, the brand engaged Pico to design and build a branded promotional campaign.


Inspired by elements of Herbalife’s brand values of health and vigour along with hallmarks of the marathon itself, the design of promotional booth evolved as an open tableau of sporting graphics framed in green. Floors were designed with racetrack ‘lanes’, orientated to give passers-by a visual cue to visit the booth. Health-related activities such as a BMI measurement zone and a fitness bicycle challenge awaited within.


Thanks to its distinctive look and engaging activities, a substantial proportion of the marathon’s 20,000 participants stopped by the booth, with countless more getting the Herbalife message via media coverage including a live broadcast by Anhui TV.