The Jaguar Driving Challenge (JDC) is a driving competition organised by Jaguar China and held annually across the country. In late 2014, ‘JDC 3.0’ was rolled out in an all-new competition format, with Pico as the leading agency of the five-month contest, which began in September 2014, with the final being held in January 2015.

The new three-tier multi-level competition format tied in closely with Jaguar’s brand motto: Never Stop Achieving. Having almost 9,000 participants in several regions meant that Pico had to carefully consider every aspect of the execution. Across the country, participants were invited by local dealers to compete for a place in the regionals, where they had their skills tested on a professional racetrack. The final saw the best of the best challenging each other for the championship, with the top prize being presented by global celebrity and Jaguar China Brand Ambassador David Beckham.

The four regional competitions were held in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangdong and attracted over 1,200 participants. Pico’s team specifically chose professional racetracks to highlight Jaguar’s ‘racing DNA’ and amplify the message of the brand’s incredible drive technology. Sophisticated pit room designs and engaging lifestyle programs further emphasised Jaguar’s brand heritage, technology and lifestyle.

The finale took place at the Shanghai International F1 Circuit. The team wanted to create a unique and challenging driving experience both the finalists and the media to increase the event’s media value and exposure. With the obvious highlight being David Beckham’s presence, the event also included an intimate sharing session with him – a rare and valuable chance for this Chinese audience to learn about the Jaguar brand through their beloved ambassador.

"The spatial design from Pico really worked for Jaguar. They were able to highlight the true Jaguar brand spirit through their designs and event layout." – Olaf Felten, Senior Manager, Brand Experience, Jaguar Land Rover China