The brief

The 22nd China International Industry Fair boasted more than 2,600 exhibitors across a floor area of over 300,000 sq. m. Amidst this busy scene, JD wanted a standout presence that would familiarise visitors with the business, technology and solutions of JD Industrial Products, and help to increase the company’s influence in the industry.

Pico was commissioned to design, build and operate the booth, and was also responsible for planning a launch event.


The Fair is one of JD Industrial Products’ key exhibition platforms, as it is a large-scale event that draws an audience largely comprising industry professionals seeking new ideas and technologies. In order to stand out in such a large exhibition, the brand activation needed to highlight JD’s ‘edge’ with an array of interactive elements.


The booth used bright blue as the theme colour, and merged lines and grids in the structure to create a high-tech atmosphere. The open-plan space allowed visitors to flow in and out of the booth from three directions. It was also spacious enough for them to comfortably stop and engage with the content.

Professional staff from JD stood ready to explain the products and the display platform to visitors. The latter could also access additional business information through a cloud exhibition hall on the H5 mobile webpage. Screens for smart purchasing were integrated into the booth to enable buyers to place orders on the spot.

To add energy to the atmosphere, the booth featured DJ performances and catwalk shows during the exhibition period. Participants could even receive gifts when they registered their information at the booth.


  • Attracted more than 50,000 visitors
  • Online registrations exceeded 4,000