Concept development
The Beijing Auto Show 2016 presented Lexus with a ready-made platform to not only show off their existing line of luxury cars to the Chinese public, but present a vision of the marque’s future with the launch of their latest model, the LC500h.

Collaborating closely with Pico, Lexus quickly determined a general shape of its presence at the upcoming show. The centrepiece would be a 754 sq-m display area in the China International Exhibition Centre. Created by the team, the space would include such brand-defining features as a main stage, ‘boutique’ display, technology experience zone and a VIP business lounge in addition to an open car show space.

Execution and challenges
Lexus’s hybrid technology would be highlighted in the technology experience zone. Its focal point would be an interactive gaming table on which visitors could place crystal acrylic modules and watch video descriptions of various hybrid technologies.

The LC500h’s launch itself would be showcased at a press conference in the Lexus show space. Adding to the flexibility of the space were the three-layer movable screens and state of the art control systems which were used to deploy each 20x6m panel. It enabled a press conference venue to be easily assembled, operated and disassembled.

Packaging diverse functions, cars and branding elements into the 754 sq-m area – smaller than previous years at the show – required innovative planning on the part of the team. Minimising the number of structural columns both maximised useable area and gave the team more freedom in arranging the space for optimal function and visitor appeal.

“The presence of Lexus in this year’s Beijing Auto Show was a great success. Pico’s efforts were recognised by our leaders, managers, dealers and visitors… We worked closely and fulfilled requirements from many different departments, reflecting the spirit of Lexus – the pursuit of perfection.” - Christina He, Lexus’s Head of Marketing (auto show team)

The Lexus stand at the show achieved:
• 820,000 total visitors
• Visits by 320+ journalists from 290+ domestic and 30 foreign media outlets
• Generated 920+ pieces of press coverage with an ad value of RMB 11.5 million (as of 19 April 2017)