The Brief

Held every year, the Conference of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum welcomes the best and brightest from industries and sectors across the country. Having supported the event for five consecutive years, Mercedes-Benz was once again a top partner for its most recent edition.

Mercedes-Benz envisioned a presence at the venue that would generate business opportunities by giving the conference’s 500 participants an in-depth look at the S-Class saloon’s advanced safety, performance and green technologies.

In addition to providing overall event planning and on-site operations services to Mercedes-Benz, Pico was also responsible for designing, fabricating and operating its brand experience zone and outdoor display, plus managing test drives and a limousine reception for entrepreneurs.

Creative and Execution

The venue’s dim lighting and low ceiling presented a challenge to the team creating the indoor experience zone. Appropriately, their solution was as elegantly and efficiently engineered as a Mercedes-Benz car, using reflective flooring to visually lighten and open up the space.

The zone featured installations showcasing how the marque’s S-Class saloon uses advanced tech to make driving safer and more enjoyable. An acrylic wall was used to imitate the car’s Multibeam LED headlights. Motion-detecting cameras were used to calculate the distance between visitors and the wall to demonstrate how the car’s 84 high-performance LED lights adjust their brightness to suit changing driving environments.

The latest electrochromic glass technology was on display nearby. Between the two layers of high-tech LED glass, a thin layer conductive film flashed while changing from green to blue to white. The colours represented major features of the Mercedes-Benz EQ – eco-friendly, electrically driven high performance.

Outside, an exhibition booth with full-height glass panels on three sides showed off a limited-edition Mercedes-Maybach S680 Pullman display car. A rounded light box on an inside wall presented views of mountains and lakes, underlining the essential glamour of this range-topping model. Another large lightbox formed part of the booth ceiling, complemented with a reflective floor to create an ambiance of bright, pure good taste.

Test drives and a limousine reception rounded out Mercedes-Benz’s outdoor programme. To maximise safety in the winter conditions, Pico ensured that all vehicles used were equipped with snow tyres. Professional drivers added yet another layer of safety, as well as helping to improve conference-goers’ driving skills while highlighting various unique features of the cars.


The team successfully executed every detail with high efficiency and quality, accurately conveying the Mercedes-Benz brand experience to the conference’s 500 participants and creating further business opportunities for the brand.

Ning Qiong, Assistant Manager of Mercedes-Benz, said: ‘The team was a pleasure to work with. They made the brand experience something to remember.’

The case study above was also published in C&IT magazine on 21 August 2019.