Already a well-known sports equipment brand internationally, Yonex took the opportunity to amplify their brand to a new level in China as well in 2015. Taking over from their original distributor in the country, Yonex put the first elements of a strategy into place with a redefined marketing model that emphasised brand promotion.

An ambitious ‘omni-channel’ strategy developed by Pico was to fulfil that purpose. Embracing digital presence and public relations services, promotional film and print-ad production, media buy, dealer events and activities, the effort was to be persistent, complex and tightly integrated, raising Yonex’s profile while enriching public perception at the same time. Built from scratch, the nerve centre for much of the effort was a dedicated Yonex China website, complementing a refocused presence on the immensely popular WeChat social media platform. A new promotional film meanwhile conveyed the Yonex identity into previously untouched corners of the market. The most high-profile impact of all, however, was made by Yonex’s quartet of brand ambassadors – one being the world famous badminton player Lin Dan ‘Super Dan’. On its own, the announcement of the new cooperation drew nearly 100 media and widespread coverage throughout China. With these elements and more continuing to build the brand’s identity, Yonex products are no longer on their own in China; with their growing body of users, they now form part of an image of sporting excellence.