In 2016, Volkswagen marked the 66th anniversary of its ubiquitous Transporter (aka ‘T’ series) range with a commemorative edition of the T6 model.

The Story
For the client, the Beijing launch of this special T6 would serve to not only enhance the whole line’s visibility in a crowded market, but also to raise the profile of VW’s imported products in China.

To help achieve these aims, VW engaged the Pico team to develop an overall event design, an event rundown plan and souvenir design as an integrated package, all with a consistent focus on brand values. The Pico team would also be responsible for hospitality functions during the event itself, which was held at the landmark Beijing Drum Tower Time Museum.

Concept and execution
Distinctive elements of the event’s concept developed direction from certain characteristics of T6; namely its colour and its name. Therefore red was selected as the event’s signature colour, being applied to key visuals such as the T6 on display, the souvenir items, and even the lighting in the venue’s ‘mingle zone’.

‘T’ meanwhile formed the shape of the main stage. A highlight of the event was a parade of VW ‘T’ series models – from generations one to six – across the stage, showing the evolution of the line during its 66 years.

The magic of the event left a lingering impression, with guests taking home unique souvenirs designed by Pico team including themed iPhone case, a laptop bag with a specially designed T6 print, and similarly themed notebook.

VW expressed its satisfaction with the impact of the T6 launch event, including:

• About 100 guests attending the launch
• 1,100 items of online media coverage