The brief

WEY occupies the top rung of the market ladder when it comes to China’s domestic luxury SUV brands. With their new VV7 model due for launch in 2017, the marque called on the team to plan, execute and operate a media event that would give the car a firm push down the road to success.


Held in Sanya, the launch was divided into two major segments: a test-drive experience and a dinner party. Taking their cue from the event’s theme of ‘novelty, fun and freedom’, the team designed both parts of the six-day programme to be immersive and interactive, offering guests on-track thrills and off-track relaxation as desired.

The test drives also served an informative purpose, giving media members a very personal sensation of the VV7’s comfort and performance capabilities.


In all, 240 highly regarded members of China’s automotive press attended the event. WEY expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, not only in terms of the team’s professional delivery, but in the media and market reaction. Interest in the marque’s official Weibo and WeChat pages, for example, noticeably spiked during the event.