The brief

Nothing brings people together like a party; and the annual celebration held by DiDi, one of China’s major ride-sharing companies, was to do just that. Themed ‘Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves’, the event was to bind the company’s global team members together under a common cause for the future.

Creative execution

Delivering a turnkey expertise for the event was Pico, who worked closely with the client and their staff throughout the three-month preparation. DiDi staff members provided suggestions and volunteered their own talent for the entertainment programme. With more on offer than could be accommodated in the event, the Pico team was asked to shortlist the most thematically suitable acts and arrange rehearsals. The result was an exceptional programme that included musical performances and a catwalk fashion show.

Inside the vast 10,000-seat Beijing Workers’ Stadium, stage design, lighting effects and sound amplification were meticulously planned to ensure complete coverage of the venue and all participants. A larger-than-life view of the performance was provided by two specially designed four-sided suspended screens and one 36-metre long floor-level screen.


The client was not alone in judging the party a success: the event was also subject to wide social and online media coverage.


‘This annual party was the most exciting one in the five years since DiDi’s establishment.’
- Will Cheng, CEO of DiDi